Zen Pump brings a new way to coach

Zen Pump aims to be the coaching app that inspires people to be motivated regardless the challenges they face. The app has two parts, the first one allows you to request a life coach to call you back and pump you up based on the challenges you face. Just select a category and in a few seconds, you will receive a call from our coach!

The second part of the app is a journal that helps you track your day. It’s useful and a great way to measure progress in making good days happen. After you rate your day from 1-10 stars, you can choose a category on how you would best describe your day. Based on that, your journal will also include thoughtful feedback or interesting quotes on your new post. And when you are really having a tough day, the app will surprise you with a call from a coach to pump you up!   

IMPORTANT : Zen Pump’s coach calls are simulation phone calls, but the idea is to give you a sense of having a real virtual coach helping you along the way when you need it. All the coach audio is recorded by excellent voice professionals and thoughtfully written to address each category of challenges that you’ll face.

In settings, you can choose to turn on or off for surprise calls from coaches. Also, you can personalise your ratings on how you define as a good day. You can quickly see your total good days in the settings page. Everyone is unique and that’s the way it should be. So are you excited to give it a try? We can’t wait for you to join us in being part of the Zen Pump movement!

Link – Download app in the AppStore

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